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Animatic [Deluxe]

by Ultraklystron

i should've learned to let go, right from the get go sixth's time the charm, but even i am skeptical teenage angst could pay off well, but i view that through spectacles so far from rose colored, that i'd rather just forget it all yet part of me cannot let go, i guess i don't regret it all i've helped too many people, or at least that is the narrative i have to keep to telling myself, otherwise i can't bare to live i've lost too many battles to make continuation logical all i can do magic now, last name is mcgonagall i know it's been a while, and my past is sorta checkered but i'm no simple replicant, i am greater than deckard the sum of my influences is something that i'm greater than everything that i combine, leads me towards a greater plan i should've learned to let go, right from the get go
OH NO GO GO 04:57
ch. OH NO - I'M OFF THE CHAIN AGAIN I'M GOING INSANE AGAIN, I'M HERE TO BRING THE PAIN AGAIN GO GO - SPEED OFF AND TELL YOUR BROS SPACE STATION LIVING MAN, YEAH I'M DONE WITH CELLAR FLOWS v1. welcome to my day of rising / some objections are not surprising but i'm done with poor advising / no more veils here disguising see my enemies out devising / but i'm already here chastising and i'm long past compromising / done with sensationalizing improvising to get outta jams? no, i'm making some excellent plans i'm keeping my checks swelling man / pillsbury cause i'm baking these Grands nobodies refusing my friends / opinions inducing some trends reload breaks then do it again / nobody close to the verses i penned keep it moe like anime / next gen in the beat i laid radical reviews relayed / my tastes are the best purveyed no soul here is left unswayed / no mc is left unslayed though no option was left unweighted / i still walk away so unscathed genius is a weak descriptor / game's mine and i drove and flipped her you claim that i'm ill-equipped sir / i'm saying i'm the illest spitter i'm the captain / you're the skipper / i'm lister / you're just rimmer if you're a star, i'm a constellation / polaris at best to my big dipper v2. microphone's got light hawk wings / cause i do these impossible things so stealth i've got nighthawk bling / flows like an unswappable string so i guess i'm just one of a kind / or at least a limited edition not one to run with the signs / cause i lack limited decisions anywhere's in my grasp and my reach / wins that i've amassed number 1337 embrace, don't mask your defeat / lessons from the class that i teach i strained just to have a voice / and i made the difficult choice accuse me of insincere ploys? white flag's the one you will hoist welcome to my brand new soiree / laser flows, so i know no heat strays i couldn't be paused on a weak day / i write one beat, and get a week's pay my records have been like streak, eh? / never one to stay where the meek play rappers all betray except neet K / keeping it delicious like treat day i has a flavor / which you savor / i'm no savior / and not a player but my amenities / appear heavenly / guess i'm out of / angelic layer rooting for me / like misakichi / only space above / none on top of me still anonymous / so i don't forgive / only way to live / is impossibly br. so enlightened locke said i'm the boss / jaws on the floor? I'm knocking them off - distill my essence with a wok and some sauce / nations fall, cold-clocked if they scoff foes are ethered / without a breather / veruca salted / because i seether verbal freeter / but not a cheater / not segfaulted / data complete sir rotten flows that you spit are doo doo / never cry you won't catch me QQ in the groove while you need blue's clues / even though my bird brain's so cuckoo got my dope flows in a iPhone game / just sayin' that's insane in the membrane spit once, and claim that i've been shamed / no ink? you should change your pen name End: I should've learned to let go / right from the get go
ch. [yeah] i would tap that deck / [yeah] play you on kinect [yeah] til we gotta sweat / [yeah] you ain't seen nothinG yet [oh] and if i'm seeming cold / [oh] it's cause i'm getting old and it's too hard / to keep my up HP v1. i would play you like a wii u: touchscreen / and if you don't know how we do: cutscene let me paint me picture, tweet a photograph / printed on glossy paper, make that photo last here's the situation, i'm down for any game / no insinuation, no one but me to blame i'm here to level up, i'm here to learn and train /the only i'll way gain, is to grow, rebuild and change switch my media, increase my density / for you i'll temper my weaker propensities hanzo steel my wits and my attitudes / because i doubt i'll find a girl as bad as you by which i mean you're great, swag is hardwired / no switch to turn it off, and it never gets tired connected everywhere, networked like clear / even when it means tears, we can strike fear v2. others were betamax, i came like vhs / not a coleco, my life was nes forget a blu-ray player, i'm netflix / next gen, next step, hope that you get this so i'm down to last, here to stick around / all across the globe back to the puget sound and i'm sure some hate, and really that's great / i'll pay no mind, til they match my hash rate so i'll stick by you girl, and pound this mpc / spit on microphones, gig and push mp3s sure i look rough, probably well worn / yet once i go, i know i'll be well mourned so come ride with me, spectra peeling out / tension riding high, audience reeling now steamroller flows, guess i land flatten / energy explodes, mr. Manhattan br. i'm a skeptic, and life is septic / try to get rich, instead you get sick never surrender, i will avenge you / i won't pretend to, no i will defend you
ch. two step in middle of this con rave, baby / bishoujo on each side, i'll have nice dreams tonight two step in middle of this con rave, baby / i see that moe shine, nothing else on my mind v1. get lost? i already have been found / walked paths you'll never have been down never rested, but special guested / film crew on my back, cause i'm the best kid getting ready for the second evening / kill the cell, i don't want it bleating but the texts come like it's a chat room / tuned into shade, dosing with rap tunes messenger bag's filled up with red bull /any distance i'm looking dead cool cheap kicks, free shirt, hair all messed up /bishoujos i roll with are dressed up gotta a nana, gotta a hachi / another nana, guess i got three get spotted, stopped to sign cds /i said otaku livin ain't easy v2. i'm blinded by the el wires / dancefloor's hot, enjoy the fire i've been waiting for this all weekend / stay out long past all my weak friends the cool down's dance dance revolution / step hard until my shoes are ruined feel the magic, i'm a con genie / time to snack up, hit the conbini dollar hot dogs, write a quick blog / spot a cosplay, and text my photog snap snap, that's that, where's the next one / free swag? where? i'm gonna get some get stopped every a half a minute / raffle draws, i quickly win it radio interview in the lobby /all this from my simple hobbies br. when it's over i'll say “i'll never do it again” / but by next year, i know i'll wanna see my friends end: I don't need sleep cause I'm making the whole scene / but everything I say is just a smoke screen I can't seem to find no leisure or spare time / when I'm working that grind on the five to nine
ch. [ultraklystron] never on the dance floor /always with my bros do that bromance dance / if you're sporting bro clothes never on the dance floor / always with my bros just another bromance / come enjoy the show v1. [ultraklystron] i got 20 polos, layered one on top the other every single collars popped, that's how you know i'm a brother i own single every film that is starring seth rogan i party hard, play beer pong, that's my mission and my slogan and i see you eying me, you observe and report and though i'm a beta male, i deserve to escort mc love you every night, because i'm so super bad rather hang out with my bros, like i was so super chad throwing up some dro, like it's pineapple express dave matthews has the show, whose ticket i'd like the best i'm not a funny person, but i've watched funny people adam sandler is the best, man, he doesn't have an equal also i stole your girl, bro, hope you don't think less of me natty ice and Hennessy, guess it got the best of me never designated, so i'm always playa hated ruining your bathroom, vomit redecorated v2. [ultraklystron] tv's got the game dude, plus we gotta game cube bottom shelf liquor, chyeah, it all tastes the same dude can't call me a lame dude, it'd would start a lame feud it'd make a great movie though, it could maybe shame you but we'll never change dude, never come of age always witty and sarcastic, til our very last day denouement’s return, everything's restarted lessons unimparted, yet again we get retarded i'm gregory house and your name's james wilson i'm clooney and you're pitt, it's just the way i feel, son there's no stray emotion, just bro's rollin on land or an ocean, us bros aren't foldin if we were hobbits, i'm frodo and you're samwise party in the shire, with pipeweed and red eyes it's just how i said guys, it's homies smokin dro you how know the hook goes, shoutin homies over hos v3. [klopfenpop] I keep it two things: real and brofessional, but all my bros think I feel bromosexual. And my efforts to dissuade--mostly ineffectual. My exploits of bromance are kinda unconventional. But that's okay, guess I should know better. Still I pick up the brobiturates 'cuz I'm a bro-getter. Get back to the frat call it Mount Brolympus; Go clubbin' with the bros that got clout on campus. Hit up the broasis--routine like ABCs: Pound a pitcher of Pabst, macabroni and cheese, Buy the bleach-blondes lots of shots of Jell-O all night. Like my beer like my Wiffle bats: yellow and light. Beer pong, brown mullet, wig swag. Beer bong down gullet, swig, gag. You know we party so hard we gon' kiss the floor. The only Mario Kart be on 64.
Work It Baby 03:03
v1. i see that dolly kei, i'd dress that dolly every way never on that molly, eh? but you look like ecstasy the antique style that makes me wanna say desu but if i do that, then i know that won't get you but you carry that well, sure you're not ball-jointed? you're like a dolly queen, or soon to be anointed can't even find the words, i can't seem think through leaving me speechless, you're looking so shinku also I like it after dark, i would go ganguro if she switched to that, i would still want her through looking pretty fly, neon saturates my eye and your white eye shadow has me screaming "oh my" never thought i'd fall for a girl with a spray tan but you're looking so good gotta take off my ray bans you could even go manba, and my anaconda would still want some, so go do what you wanna Cause you're outstanding... ch. loli or mori, it's perfect baby any style rocked is perfect lady heads spin round like a circuit baby everyone knows that you work it lady so work it baby, work it baby fashion everyday, just work it baby so work it baby, work it baby you good every way, just work it baby v2. you could be my mori girl, oh we'd have some stories girl forever in the forest, as long as you adore me girl and those mori colors seem yoshitoshi ABe and that style's tasty; you're cooking like Nabe desire shire style - but girl you're no hobbit and i'm sure every mori asks you were you got it every color's so muted, but you're eye-catching don't even have to shine to look ever-so fetching wardrobe ain't got a lion, and girl you're no witch but you've got me enchanted, making my body twitch and your style never quits; i don't wanna be friends tell me what to do, you can be my DM you could gal it up, though you already turn heads in a t-shirt and jeans and a dirty pair of keds sweatpants, hair-tied; crinolines with hair-dyed my eyes all on you; sorry if i stare, aight? You're just shockingly beautiful...
These Days 04:02
v1. only the undead can't feel my fever lean notate the last moments of my fever dream photograph the footsteps where the griever's been and if this my last, it'll be lever clean i seen the cleaver shine, hover high in the air end the properous era, where we did not care it's not like poverty is gonna make us share except in the malaise, the disease and dispair the diamond era won't come, cause we're stuck on coal we bartered our decency and part of our soul so we could stay near to the distant shoal never have to grow up, never have to control so we could keep it simple, and never feel pain block out half the earth, never hear it again only stay in same, and never make change that be all and end all is running that game but you can't fool everyone all of the time even Bonnie and Clyde had to pay for their crimes so if the debt don't get you, the prions might leave you just as ruined and you'd still lose the fight sure we weren't raised right, never once hurt in the suburbs and the towns so dull and inert where parents lie to kids, and kids lie to each other where all learned to screw over our brothers ch. the only pleasure we get these days is the pain the only leisure we get these days is the game the only heaven we get these days is the hell that we trade shares of, that we buy and sell v2. we're supposed to be socialized and educated by the time we're 18, once we have graduated but whatever's been stated, doesn't really come through in the end you're alone, and you don't have a clue and you can either be cruel, survive like a beast or you can hope that trust might earn you a feast but in era where it's all dog eats dog the only sure fire way to become boss hog is to sucker and steal, be fake not real and sell it all with a tv pitchmen zeal they tell you in school to be sweet and kind but the real world just will not pay it mind can't be mary sue, the beasts we'll eat you even knaw on the bones for the marrow to chew that's the culture under falsehoods these days to a false image goes our work and our play and sir, a little sacrifice would go along way recognize for a moment that it's all gone grey but then ignorant scream you're trying to betray the traditions and the rules we've inscribed in clay they only see one direction we are headin it begins with an arma and ends in geddon i wish we could be gettin up out of this circuit but it's not up to me, but to us to shirk it
Non-Contact 03:30
ch. next thing happens / i've already been on that i don't gotta touch it / cause i do it non-contact i'm why it's good / it's because i'm there before i came round / i doubt all y'all cared v1. always onto next one, when it comes to tech son / always got the latest instruments like a texan betas and alphas, release candidates / just how it happened, didn't plan it great ten years of NDAs out in redmond / most people lucky if they even get one check me on canv.as, see me on diaspora / i'll be where ever is next; google plus, etc. simply came to me because i stayed proper / i'd never expect to get a personal shopper but if it all aligns, and it all feels fine / then i guess it's summer; it's only right to shine if it seems similar, here's how it's distinct / really happy to have it, i'm back from the brink i gotta shout it out "i appreciate it" / besides my approval guides how it's all created v2. my ideas are bright, even in a black out / ikea rolling, though i never lack now keeping it going, from seattle to krakow / it's just my opinion, guess my name's maddow but i've got the fuel, though i need refining / but if i'm idolizing, then the template's feynman surely i jest, but i'm so sincere / coulda been round the world, and you've not been here own the top of the line, and this year's winner / same every year, i started past beginner plus my girl is a star, her skin is so fair / her body so thin i call her macbook air first world problems, not my concern / that's my last year, long been returned i can't hold these limes, my hand's full of lemons / but i've got sugar, do you see where i'm gettin?
In The Lab 03:24
ch. girls in the windows lab / boys in the linux lab / everybody do work / in the computer labs v1. stepped out the lab to buy another coke / notice i'm surrounded by blokes all of new to this gnu business / trying to get code to compile in this walk through the lab that stallman hates / the one most loved by william gates every chair there is filled with gals / most looking like my fujoshi pals just like us boys they were trying code / they had operators to overload only keystrokes could break the silence / all of us struggling with assignments a bro rolls up, tries to mack on them / he fails hard, they're attacking him i stroll right by holding in a laugh / he couldn't even do modulo math v2. i can't work out these dependencies / and i know this code all depends on me i won't cheat like these other students / don't need a peer to chip in two cents want to be truant, but i can't escape / guess i'll have to parse til a line break in the windows lab, the same scene is mirrored / gotta get nodes to connect to peers it's just as feared, firewall drama / whips us all like we were a llama missed a comma and a semi-colon / recompile but it's clearly broken neither sides gonna rest tonight / still gotta black box test it, right? is this a metaphor, or just some code / truth told, i don't even fully know v3. 3 am and progress is made / i'm using vectors so forget arrays forget today, it's tomorrow i guess / joke is the work doesn't help on tests so i duck down into the other room / they bump dubstep, and the bassline booms tell those girls i enjoy their choice / they say "you're not like those other boys" i say "that right's i'm the ultra kly / comp sci rapper known to often fly coast to coast hitting cons galore / some folks deplore but most adore" right then my code properly compiled / both rooms screamed, we all went wild seven girls said they were so impressed / it's about then i retired to rest
Saturday 04:24
saturday by Karl Olson ch. it's saturday - treat day / getting out, no living like a NEET day work's done - it's break time / no zero wing, don't gotta make time v1. i got the radio cranked, so sirius / channel 40 makes me feel delirious car's so full, you would think we were clowns / summer weekend, so i got the windows down feeling so great, i gotta do it big / driving so crazy, you'd think i'm the stig heading down south, so we can hit the mall / every shop there, we gonna hit 'em all barnes and noble, and also H&M / buying new manga, and jeans for 10 order off the secret menu at jamba juice / pink starburst, 3g charger boost spot some more otaku, crew's getting huge / mall's shutting down, what we gonna do head back north, and maybe hit a kaiten / salmon sashimi's like my best friend v2. hold up, take a pause for a minute dude / 4th-wall breaking macfarlane interlude i won't talk about my week, because it's wack / i won't bore you all, no rebecca black cut to the kaiten 20 plates later / time is 10:10, know we gotta go greater cross a lake, and head into the arcade / and i'll fast forward past that bit of replay need a pick me up, so we hit roy street / get a macchiato, and a sweet treat recognize a little more's in order / but isn't time to head to the border time to grab dick's – hamburgers / back to the car, and it's time to drive further hit a club, then safeway, then back home / watching youtube vids til the sun shone
City (Feat. Mega Ran) (free) 04:55
ch. [Ultraklystron] it feels like my city / it looks like my city / it's real like my city / it cooks like my city it smells like my city / it tastes like my city / it's hell like my city / it hates like my city v1. [Ultraklystron] is this the revolution, oh dare i dare i say this? the metropolis is rising, janelle monae-ish this place isn't mine, but some say i can claim it tell me it's step one to getting real famous some say a claim would be utterly heinous some say my destiny's to name that nameless is it done through writtens while a second class citizen grasp but these mittens are too ill-fittin then i let it all fall, hits the earth, third impact feels like an impasse is forever where i been at or i guess i dream that, but these dreams are all nightmares sentence writing fright here, actually a trite scare i still feel it coming, fingertips are tingling connections all forming, singularity mingling hidden in the stack, or waiting in the queue my priority's rising, so execution's due v2. [Ultraklystron] happiness ain't cool, and man, i'll be cool forever smiles are for fools, and i ain't been fooled ever brain's XML, the facts are in my header not outta ATL, i'm from a place better last of my kind, killed the rest like a time lord who ran out of time, and misread the signs for signifying where his homeworld really is now revert to the past, so i guess i'm just a kid, pow world of endless blue, death through the horizon endless possiblities too, if i can find them flip and recombine them, sell off all the tie ins chop down these mountains, just so i can mine them strip mine the pavement for every experience discard the rest once i'm done, no adherence no real love past the time i'm supposed to spend here city's only mine while i play and pretend here v3. [Random] They know me for the gamer raps, But I'm tryna bring the flavor back, I speak on everything you wanna know... *But were too stubborn or afraid to ask I think i wanna take 3 years off But I'm worried that my fans won't wait for that So they'll move to the next joe, say he got the best flow and I be like I guess I'll be late for that Phoenix and Philly's kinda similar to me Both got bigger towns that they're wishing they could be-- Standing in the shadow of a giant is difficult Given impossible standards to try to live up to, You ask me a question sincerely you gone get the truth, That's been the case since the first evening I hit the booth And all I wanted to do is make the block proud, I go back and things have changed a lot now Homies I rode bikes with are locked down, hard to tell em keep standing up when youre knocked down, I found a little solace in the beats and rhymes, But piece of mind that ain't an easy find Phil told me keep the mic smothered, Lou showed me i could be dope without being Like others my city needs someone they can believe in, to fly, and they thinkin that I, could be the (w)right brother My youngins wanna rule the block, But you gotta have a plan when the music.. stops.. Pardon me I think I started zoning Thinking bout my city gets me caught up in the moment
Impossible 03:16
ch. if you think can i stop now / that's impossible i can't not put it down / That's impossible V1. rapper repost return of ultraklystron i am half neptunes, half neil degrasse tyson the man every shoujo in the con got their eyes on broke supernova shine, blowing up with no ice on anime long; of these mcs i've bought most karl like sagan, so i'm out in the cosmos i'm out here with kosmos and you ain't ain't here you might stack c-notes but you lack xenogears yo, i can shut it down, and i'll do it all with no clap run it like a motherboard, middle name zotac shout out in the arcade, where my bros who code at next gen business runners, not about that kodak goal to move forward, running hard with mo' stacks came from the bottom, and i will never go back if i'm ever mt.dew, and best as a throwback i'll be a chameleon, cut me up i'll grow back V2. dude i'll keep going hard, so i can get you what you need and do it without sampling, no sonic human centipede failure for n minus one, at n i know i must succeed means i never give up, i commit until i've done the deed t.i. on my side, and i ain't talking bout rappers show me my opponent, and i'll show them their attacker i am a creator boy, so everything is radical stay in this adventure cause it's ultramathematical on this cause it's rhombus, I'm rollin out with finn n' jake rebirth is upon us, and yet i am not fixing to break i'm just here to get my take, so i keep my ends fearless aiming for the top again, i intend to end peerless stanky wizard eyes got me coping with insanity know my all is ugly, so there isn't time for vanity and i've learned it's temporal, the carnival is over and it ain't coming back until i am a genius coder
intro: [ultraklystron] WOLF. DOG. PENGUIN. FROG. ch. [ultraklystron] i'm still an animal, i'm still an animal giving rad advice, but i can damage fools v1. [ultraklystron] i used to do that hoverhand / i was forever alone was slowpoke now i'm slowking / so you ought to watch the thone i went from an awkward penguin / to an insanity wolf i hope y'all realize / exactly how much courage that took used to be scumbag steve / now i am good guy greg i give up it to the fans / i don't always make 'em pay and beg not sure if innuendo / or just about free streaming i don't always imply / but when i do it's done through memeing been going dragonforce / pretty much the bossest rapper but i'll never go dumb / insight like philoraptor people wanna stop my shine / but that isn't a bother haters are all just rugrats / i'm baby godfather my depressed dog side / thought i'd fail from the get go or maybe that was just / my inner skeptical hippo i still have more to go / but i think all of my friends will be hipster ariel / and brag about how they knew me when v2. [ultraklystron] wanna stay fly forever / never will i let death kill anyone who disagrees / can go and make like they're bear grylls feeling like i'm in demand / call me a production maven and i'm getting so paid / if i'm a bird, then i'm rich raven i used to be lonely pug / asking chicks y no love me but now i'm best compared / to mr. david duchovny used to get so dejected / used just say okay but wait it's not okay / now i'm joe decreux every day so if you're a butthurt dweller / y'all can stay in the cellar business cat you and buy you out / i'm target, and you're just zellers don't even know what that is / cause you never leave your room you're part foul bachelor frog / part humor like lame pun coon yo dawg herd you like hating / so we added some rage to waiting now you can herp while derp / and complain about what i've been creating by now i suppose you know / that i lead a redditor's life and if i ring nursehella / guess that makes her a redditor's wife v3. [beefy] Forever alone not cocky, Surf all day you can't stop me No need to put the phone of silent, cause nobody ever calls me I try to be the voice of reason, I wanna be good guy Greg You see me, Beefy, I wanna be the grown up version of Success Kid I don't wanna be this guy. I don't wanna live this life All blue and cold, go to bed alone, no home for a Redditor's Wife So I flipped my brain to insane, and I got myself a puppy Old owners had a baby. HAD a baby. Murder Husky. I get paranoid like a parrot when I'm running into trees I got a business cat with a baseball hat, telling me when I can leave And I call him scumbag, Hell no I'm no me gusta I've got those first world problems, I can solve em [I can solve em] My rent is too damn high, like Fry I squint my eyes Is rent too high or am I just broke? My friend I can't decide Firetrucks don't stop at red lights, better run and tell your friends I don't always write rhymes, but when I do, I don't know where the punchline is
Fujoshi 03:14
ch. if your doujin stacks aren't as large as mine / then i wont even give you the time [I need a fujoshi] you gotta be reading all the josei trades / and getting in on all the forum raids [I need a fujoshi] v1. if you wanna be mine, then you can't be hatin / on how i read genshiken and gravitation i could be your man, and romantic cheapskate /but only if you don't have any NEET hate better not be sickened by the slash fiction / because if it does your exit'll be quickened it's only shonen-ai not about yaoi /but even it was, you'd have to be okay and we could travel, hit ikebukuro / keep it on the down low, hide from the bureau head back to the states, cases full of BL / travel to a con and hustle that for resale or we could keep it; hey can you read it? / oh you can translate, that makes me heated you make me need it, i want you a scochi / it's hard not to love a hardcore fujoshi v2. but i gotta ask, you like mayu shinjo? / that'd be my style, that'd be a window. into what you like when it comes to romance / we'd cut to the chase and forget the slow dance or you like seinen cause i'd make rain then / if you like amazume, it'd be on the chain then i'd be your kaoru, and you could be nana / we could take a breather but only if you wanna if you dig cosplay, you'd be my ohno / take some videos and play it back in slow mo but you can't be slowbro, i'm more rapidash / going fast, the ladies want me like i'm ash if you're not my misty, may's around next / so you better grab me if you're not vexed by my otaku flow and ita demeanor / the fujoshi know i'm an otaku scenester I get around, round and round, from the puget sound to the akiba city, baby
v1. press badge hanging / phone's hash tagging / burning up the scene like i was a dragon tv cameras / lights and action / once ain't enough for my satisfaction rule rewriting every time i'm all-nighting / railgun-style means i shock like lighting private events, and i'm invited / that's just the truth, and i can not hide it i'm passed excited, it's become my norm / and it better be great, or i'll be forlorn everything catered, everyone tailored / all except me, and i see those haters raise 'em all up with quick sixteen / half a minute later, they love my sick team i'm chatting with execs before i graduated / and all of it feels like it had been fated ch. 3 dollar jeans, and an anime t-shirt (x3) chanel allure homme, that's how jacket-kun works 3 dollar jeans, and an anime t-shirt (x3) laughing man patch, that's how jacket-kun works v2. another track where all i am is talkin' mo' / but that's a constant, immortal like baccano stealing the spotlight, i'm lupin the third / i'm camping that spawn, and shooting those nerds long-established, so forget a preamble / i almost feel done, gotta burn-up scramble busting these beats like i was a vandal / soup to my fans, here's a can of campbell's last eight was a throwback, this here is meta / i'm sandals with no backs, that means i'm geta get a lotta love and respect from my peers / so i'll download fast, no it won't take years even if i fail, i've always gotta another plan/ if i'm a deadman, then this is my wonderland been a long time since i left like i'm Reki / went over the wall once y'all name checked me end. guess i'm on a tangent, i do it no co-sign / i know every taste maker here pays no mind but i'm pretty secure, guess i'm worf or sulu / who needs youtube? i'm on netflix and hulu i'm on IMDB without a label / the haters can't touch that, in fact they're unable they don't get spins, i'm a doctor or dreidel / so messing with them would be robbing the cradle
intro: ota swag ch. villians of my youth, all shuttin down they see me still standin, "nothing cuts him down" still noted, still quoted, still loaded up game on my back, only i can hold it up v1. if lil wayne's a martian, then i'm alternate reality any other claim would be a logical fallacy my fans are all saying, i'm the best and getting better and i'll stay like that forever, thus transcending any measure so i guess i'm no ruler, i do not need a palace my light is so unique like the aurora borealis if you think you're as phat as me, you better check your figure first disappeared in bigger shirts, while i spit like a trigger burst i've come too bloody far just to end up in a trailer only fear i have left is the fear of epic failure others running off a cliff like they're wile e. coyete i won't write their biography, i'm no truman capote no, i predict the future, a divination major anything i say will likely happen later i said 4kids should be run for the artists now the whole company is bankrupted garbage v2. i murder on the microphone, dexter's in my pedigree paint the studio in blood, cause no makes it red as me hip hop's in my bones, and nerd's in my heredity most lack the perspicacity, to say what should be said of me most dropping common knowledge, while my flows are all wikileaks everlasting wonka rhymes, my flavor never quickly peaks they said "he's so magnetic, like, everyone's attracted to him." plus i'm slash-a recognized, nico named me jacket-kun space ghost any haters with my arm-braceleted lasers i blast y'all like confections, since i do it now and laters a lot of game not a little, plus i offed tom riddle and you if taste my rainbow, i'll make it rain skittles i swear i'm going harder, the rewards are just the kicker because i aim to satisfy, my middle name is snickers so just call me the candy man, your tastes will be augmented else if i'm the 4chandy man, leave all y'all discontented
Unexpected 03:16
v1. i can taste your lipgloss on the cola that we're splitting got a reddit body, up all night and never quitting photograph the moment so i know there's no forgetting i really do not care about whose feelings i'm upsetting could do it brown sugar raw, i could watch your body pop comeback to my pad, girl, watch us some usagi drop just don't kickban me like you are a haughty op got me going gaga, liking me some gaudy pop rowdy so i whistle all the time - steam clock firing off lines like an spartan with a mean glock i do it all the time, so i ain't ever been shocked making girls crazy like i give 'em charlie sheen WOAH wait i never did it, if that's life i've not lived it if it came my way, an adieu i'd bid it if that style's been bitted, not from me you'd get it i'm just that otaku rocking the toonami fitted ch. i'm not who you think you're gonna get when you meet me and that's why, the world can't defeat me i'm not who you think you're gonna get when you meet me no challengers, nobody unseats me v2. yeah me? i am cisco; always networking collabing every day now, time to get working call me tcp/ip cause i'm about connections cause i know the game would miss all my affections all my misdirections, one day i'm out it next week i'm back strong, energy rerouted i don't always hit it, but when i have missed it i never fail twice, that's a real statistic i'm a real rap mystic, potter all those haters never left but welcome kotter those degraders who never cosign me, though it's first name formal guess it's how they play, yeah it's just game normal but i got my own name, own notoriety and unlike most i kept my sanity, sobriety and that's just facts, ain't nonsense piety i'm globally known or at least to i try to be i'm globally known or at least to i try to be try to be me end: I'm just I'm just so unexpected I'm just so unexpected unexpected
Magic Tricks 03:12
v1. wanna get my power / then you gotta make a pactio see my lips waiting / they'll be out here on the patio a boy wizard, wait i'm not / disavowal fetishistic but my incantations / have a power so mystic draw my magic circles / with a script made in python even made a drop down / to quickly pick the right one i engage the battle / yeah, i'm ready to fight on fight a wizard rapper / i think you're the trite one a little bit of Potter / makes the battle go easily hotter than a ginger / i'm so Ron Weasley believe me when I say / i'm really more anime cause kunoichi girls / don't escape my gaze can't escape my spells / neither can a vampire no twilight this time / but they really desire to bite upon the rapper / cause they like my wizard style they'll love my nobility / they'll crack a fanged smile ch. ain't gotta broom, but you can ride my staff it can make flowers bloom, and make witches laugh it can make thunder crack; it's a magic stick and that's just the tip of my magic tricks (x2) v2. post-modern interrupt / i know i've said this before but it's at my most otaku / that the world adores but now back to the lore / my bro's negi springfield we magisters and players / that's our joint appeal so catch us after school / at the mahou shoujo club make bishoujos drool / with our mahou shonen love we can make potions / that stir up emotion get tsunamis rollin / stir the inner ocean ... / i'll take you back to the start don't need to be a time lord / you just need heart maybe a time turner / cause i want you forever and wizards do it better / with our robes unfettered an infinite weekend / you and me and anything despair at the limitless / you ain't seen what can I bring so shonen onmiyoji / cause i can change fate kyu kyu noretsurei / let me open up the gates
Lifecycle 03:59
ch. wanna live large, but sustainable future living now, past is changeable live responsible, never spiteful every day i contemplate my life cycle (x2) v1. i'm shining brightly irrepressible hikaru blinding the eyes of the fashionable gyaru whip's a shocking princess electric himiko my tesla s gets driven during the week though i keep it 200 miles, not kilometers going ham because i want to flaunt it sir i keep my cars like my pockets - super green and gotta an itasha just to rep the cutest team at least i dream like i've got it like i claim to trained to want, that's nothing i can change dude probably pains you, to see me material but life is only half about the ethereal and if i want then i hustle, learn, produce things feel owed some rewards so i choose bling but i'll indulge in the ethical and eco guilt free when i'm ballin like a freak yo v2. so when i make it, i will take it to the level green mansion made of recycled glass and metal solar and wind with a bloom box for back up use that efficiency to let the money stack up i live in the future, i want to rep it right led lights to shine in the darkest night electric cars in the garage kept charged how i'm gonna live once i make it large and if i don't it's still how it's gonna happen i spell it out, like i spit with closed captions you can keep your ICE aston martins but don't expect to get a pass or a pardon we can't waste at rate exponential waste of resources, waste of potential the next ride that i buy will have a battery even if it's not an objet'd flattery
intro: we about that inner beauty ch. i steal your game and your 2d kanojo disabling her swagger - katawa shoujo v1. i steal your game and your 2d kanojo disabling her swagger - Katawa Shoujo repeating myself like my name's mojo jojo all i get ichibans while you can't get mojos never reach out like you have no arms but you're not Rin Tezuka, you just lack charm you say your so def but you're really just deaf your path's unchosen though the last one left understand that ultrakly is Hisao Nakai you're secondary kenji, hikikomori shy say it not your fault. "screaming haters out to get me" but you can't walk it off like Ibarazaki Emi i mean if a girl with no legs makes the track team then you really shouldn't whine about how you lack green incincerate your wack lean, gasoline, conoco check your full body burns, leave you like Hanako v2. i know you can't see the forest through the trees staying Lilly Satou you can't see what i see is this sounding too raw, do you feel apprehensive do the references here come off as offensive look into my pensive, view the heart breaking and heart defects that weren't of my making told you i was Hisao, here to bring the heat now working so hard i wipe the sweat off my neet brow should i translate this, let me get Mikado spell it out by hand, got a bishoujo grotto beauty in the grotesgue, nothing is a defect everything accepting, nobody's a reject except a soul ugly who cannot see beyond details like "is she turquiose or blond?" ironic lack of empathy for Miss Hakamichi cause deaf-mute describes you in full, exactly end. style's electric, electro-shocked it call me Hisao, and i'll give you the chocolate gross.
Broadcast 03:28


Welcome to Animatic, the sixth nerdcore album from Ultraklystron. This deluxe edition has 38 songs on it. Subjects include, but are not limited to: anime, manga, video games, nerdy girls, computer programming, electric cars, sci-fi conventions, dating sims, beta testing, memes, Cartoon Network animated series, hanging out with otaku, advice animals and other memes. It's a referential smorgasbord that borders on incomprehensible.

It also features guest appearances from other radical musicians such as: Megaran [aka Random,] Beefy, Death*Star, Klopfenpop, Rai Kamishiro and Garrett from Mega64.


released April 9, 2012

All songs written, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Karl Olson [aka Ultraklystron], except for "Bromance Dance" which also features lyrics and vocals by Klopfenpop [Josh Klopfenstein], "City" which also features lyrics and vocals by Random aka Megaran [Raheem Jarbo], "Advice Animal" which features lyrics and vocals by Beefy [Keith Moore], "3 Dollar Jeans" which features vocals by Rai Kamishiro, "Game On My Back" which features vocals from Garrett Hunter [of Slow Draw The Hungry Eskimo and Mega64], and "Minor Internet Celeb" which features lyrics and vocals from MC-3P0 and C0splay of Death*Star [Jess hart and Steve Perry]. Copyright 2011-2012.




Ultraklystron Victoria, British Columbia

Making Drum n' Bass, Nerdcore, Anime Rap, Trap, Vaporwave, Beat Tapes & much more since 1997. Well, started some of those at different points, but whatever.

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